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Facebook Essensials

Do you use Facebook personally and not quite sure how you can utilise it for your business? Then this is the course for you.

Linkedin for business

LinkedIn is a social media platform that is very misunderstood. Want to have a great profile and learn how to use this to your advantage? 

Instagram For Business

Instagram is fantastic for visual & creative businesses. We also use it for ours :) Want to learn the basics of how to use Instagram for your business? 

Grow your business

MailChimp is a wonderful program that has been designed that helps you to keep in touch with your potential clients. Want to know more?
Need more personal and dedicated support to help you demystify the world of business? 
Fancy a Freebie?
If you are Lancashire based we are happy to tell you that we regularly run a FREE 2 hour session dedicated to earning you as much as possible within those two hours.

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One Off Session

If you just need a helping hand, a one off session to bounce some ideas off we are able to offer you a face to face or Skype call, depending on your preference. 

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One 2 One

Do you feel you need a little bit of extra support, dedicated just to you? What would work best, face to face or Skype? 

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Group Sessions

One session isn't usually enough to resolve any queries or questions you have about building your own business. 
We want to really blow your mind with information on how to grow your business.
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